Showing a honey bee at home can cause concern, especially for babies and people with allergies. Some people use large amounts of toxic pesticides on bees or kill them on the spot, but you have better and less violent alternatives to deal with it.

Method 1: Catch the bees in the container

Look for a cup or bowl. Although not required, a transparent container is better. It would help if you also used plastic cups or bowls, as the plastic's lightweight reduces the risk of damage to walls or windows when catching bees. You can use cups or bowls available in the house, but the risk of bowls for catching bees will be more, and the cups are easier to cover and take out after seeing bees.

Wear pants and a long sleeve shirt. Long sleeve shirts and pants help keep the body longer and reduce the risk of bee stinging. Do not wear shorts and T-shirts when catching bees in containers.

Catch bees in cups or bowls. When the honey bee lands on a flat and smooth surface, hold the selected container with one hand and gently approach the bee. When you are about 15-20 cm away from the bee, you need to quickly place the bee on top of the container and keep it locked.

Do not try to catch bees sitting on the carpet, as it is very likely to escape.

How to get rid of bees at home

You can use a variety of things to cover the cup or bowl in the bee you got. If you are using a bowl to catch bees, cover it with a folded newspaper, a cover, or a folder. If you see bees with cups, you can use a postcard or magazine cover.

Note the mouth circumference of the cup or bowl to pick. Whatever you choose as a particle, remember that it should be relative.

Take out the bees. Take your newly caught bee in a sealed container and head to the door. Take the bee about 70-80 meters away from the house and remove the paper. First, place the mouth of the bowl or cup on the ground below, then remove the id. When you see the bee come out of the jar or crawl, go home quickly and close the door tightly before you find any way to get back inside the bee.

Don't take the bees too far. The beehive is probably nearby, and if the bee cannot return, the bee must die.

Method 2: Leave the bee house by itself

Open the window. If your windows have screens, you must remove them. When removing the mesh, you should keep your screen close to that window to avoid making mistakes with another window when reinstalling. Open curtains or blinds so that bees can fly.

If the sun goes down and there is a bright light opposite the window, you can turn on the outside lights and turn off the lights where the bees are. Close the window when you leave the house to get out of the bee light.

Open the door. If the door with the spring latch has an extra screen door that closes automatically, use a small locking pin near the charm that turns the door open to keep you honest.It would be helpful if you opened the doors.

If the door is a sliding glass door, open the screen so that the bees can see the outside view, but carefully open the door to let the bee out when it visits the gate hit.

Wait a few minutes for the bee to fly. When the windows and doors open, the bee will return to the nest and explore the nearby flowers. While waiting for the bee to come out, keep an eye on the windows and doors so that birds and other animals cannot enter the house, but close the door as soon as the bee leaves spread.

Method 3: Eliminate honey bees with sugar water

Mix a little sugar water. They are attracted by the sweet, sweet taste of flowers like honey bees. You can make it almost like nectar by adding a little sugar water. Dissolve about one teaspoon of sugar with three teaspoons of water. You can mix the sugar in a blender or shake it by hand in a small cup. You will not need more than one cup of sugar water.

Honey bees may prefer filtered water over tap water. Try another liquid that contains sugar water that does not attract bees.

Water half a cup of sugar in a jar. Pour. You can use pots of any size, but you must keep the id. You can use glass or plastic jars, but the id must be written in plastic. Empty jars of peanut sauce, jam, or pasta sauce work well. Close the lid to seal the jar.

Make a hole in the bottle.This hole should have the same diameter and shape as the little finger.The gap must be small enough for the bee to enter but not outside.

Take the jar out when the bees land. Wait for the bee to crawl into the pot. Once in the jar, the bees can drown in the sugar water. If the bees are drowning, take the jar out, open the door, pour both sugar and bees on the outdoor grass at least 70-80 meters away from the house, and then go home and wash the jar.

Leave the live bees. If the bee in the nest is still alive, cover your thumb or tape over the opening in the thumb, move it at least 70-80 meters away from the house and open the bottle. Unscrew the dew cap, but only slightly open the mouth. 

Throw the sugar juice carefully, but do not let the bee move away. Once you have dried most of the sugar in the bottle, remove the jar from your body and open the door completely to let the bees fly, then go home and close the door.


  1. You can be allergic to honeybee stings by asking someone else.
  2. Try not to kill honey bees.Honeybees are an important part of natural pollination and their numbers have been steadily declining over the years.
  3. If you regularly see honey bees in the house or at a particular place, consider calling the bee handling service. Honey bees can nest on walls or inside houses, causing severe and costly damage.
  4. Do not shake or hit the bees. It can make them angry and burn you.
  5. Never run when you see seeds, seeds, or honey bees.Move slowly and calmly in opposite direction, or cross it . When you run, the bee will startle, and it will probably chase and burn you.
  6. If any radio or debris is lying around you or flying, avoid standing still and looking directly at it.
  7. The most effective way to keep bees out of your home is to use smoke.