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How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 13, Pro Max and iPhone12 Series

Today I will be writing about something that we do very often on iPhones. This is the post about taking a screenshot  that Apple introduced the first time with iOS 2 and people loved that feature a decade ago. You might be thinking what’s so different about  taking a screenshot, wait. Let me complete it. 

There are multiple ways to ways to take screenshots and probably  you might know one or two. There are different ways to  take screenshots on iPhones and  iPad with the Home button and  iPhone with a Notch Display. Even I will share two different ways to take  screenshots without pressing any physical buttons. Want to know them all? Then read this tutorial till the end. 

Take Screenshot on iPhone

First, let's take a look at  ways to take screenshots on  iPhones or iPad with Touch ID or You can call Home Button. To take a Screenshot press the Home button and Power button simultaneously. 

How to Take Screenshot on iPhone

Now let's take a screenshot on iPhone  or iPad with Face ID or you can call iPhone with a Notch display. In Order to take a screenshot Press the Volume Up Key along with the Side button to get the job done. These Two methods are easy and  many of you might know them. But now let's a look at the method to  take screenshots without a home Button or any other physical button. 

Wait a minute, before I share this  hack I also wish to share that the   next method will help you take screenshots  on the iPhone with a broken home button. And over here Assistive touch can be  our lifesaver to get the job done. 

Go to Settings -> Select Accessibilty -> Tap on Touch -> Pick the first option Assistive Touch And Enable it. 

Now you can set custom Action for Single Tap, Double-tap, or for a long Press. I have selected Long Press Custom  Action to take a Screenshot while preparing this tutorial. Now every time You long Press on assistive  touch it will take a screenshot. This is easy, right? 

Now let's talk about the last method and the  most popular gesture in iOS 14 is Back tap. You might already know what back tap is. If you don't know, don't worry let  me share a few words to explain it. It is the feature that allows us to perform  any assigned task by double-tapping, or triple tapping on the back of our iPhone. But the hack is this only works with iPhone 8 and later models of iPhone. Let's take a look to activate the  back tap for taking a screenshot. 

First, go to settings -> accessibility -> touch -> back-tap. 

Now pick any gesture. I am  picking up a Double tap. Here you will see a list of actions  that we do with this gesture, but over here I have chosen Screenshot. Now Every time I double tap on the back of my iPhone it will take a screenshot. I know what you must be thinking  right now, does it work with cases on. So the answer is yes, I am using a pretty thick case on my iPhone 11 and as you can see, my iPhone is easily  able to register every double-tap that I  do and captures the screenshots in no time. So this is it, these are the multiple methods   that we can perform in order to take  screenshots on our iPhone and iPad. 

I hope you have found this helpful. 

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